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1. ICEMPE 2019 Program Schedule

2. Oral Sessions

Sunday, April 7th, 2019


Registration (Lobby of Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou)


Welcome Reception (Meeting Room 1, 7th F)

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Opening Ceremony

Chair: Yanpeng Hao (South China University of Technology, China)

Venue: International Convention Hall, 1st F


Shengtao Li

Chairman of ICEMPE 2019


Davide Fabiani



Yi Han




Vice President of SCUT

Chen Jidan Award & Memorial Lecture

Chair: George Chen (University of Southampton, UK)

Venue: International Convention Hall, 1st F


Brief Introduction to Prof. Chen Jidan & Prospective in Dielectric Research

Shengtao Li (Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)


Chen Jidan Memorial Lecture

 Studies on Space Charge Accumulation Properties in Dielectric Materials-Measurement Methods and Quantum Chemical Calculation Analysis

Tatsuo Takada (Tokyo City University, Japan)


Group Photo and Coffee Break

Session 1: New Issues & New Theories

Chairs: Yasuhiro Tanaka, Mingli Fu

Venue: International Convention Hall, 1st F


1-1-1 Invited

Several Important Issues and Thinking about Engineering Dielectrics

Shengtao Li (Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)


1-1-2 Invited

Transformer Liquids Research Which is Transforming The UK Industry

Zhongdong Wang (The University of Manchester, UK)


1-1-3 Invited

Structure-Activity Relationship and Molecular design for Discovery of Environmentally Sustainable Dielectric Gases

Keli Gao (China Electric Power Research Institute, China)


1-1-4 Invited

Origins of Chemiluminescence in Polymeric Insulating Materials

Yoshimichi Ohki (Waseda University, Japan)


1-1-5 Invited

Prospect of Computational High Voltage Engineering(CHVE)

Xuzhu Dong (China Southern Power Grid, China)

Session 2: Performance of Insulating Materials

Chairs: Yoshimichi Ohki, George Chen

Venue: International Convention Hall (1st F)


1-2-1 Invited

Space Charge Accumulation Properties in Various Insulating Materials under DC High Electric Field at High Temperature

Yasuhiro Tanaka (Tokyo City University, Japan)


1-2-2 Invited

Measurement of Space Charge Distribution for a Real Long HV Cable and Uncertainties in Space Charge Measurement

Yewen Zhang (Tongji University, China)



Space Charge Behavior in LDPE/EBA Insulation Materials for HVDC Cables

Junwei Zha (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)



Voltage Stabilizer Grafted Silica Nanoparticles for Significantly Enhanced Breakdown Strength Potential Thermoplastic Polypropylene Insulation

Xingyi Huang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)



Environmentally Friendly Insulating Gases as SF6 Alternatives for Power Utilities

Agnes Zhang (3M Company, USA)


Coffee Break

Session 2 (Poster): Performance of Insulating Materials

Chairs: Zhimin Dang, Xingyi Huang

Session 3 (Poster): Nanodielectrics and New Dielectrics

Chairs: Junwei Zha, Xiangrong Chen

Time: 16:15-18:30

Venue: International Convention Hall (1st F)

Tuesday, April 9th,2019

Session 4: Power Cable

Chairs: Gilbert Teyssèdre, Jian Li

Venue: International Convention Hall (1st F)


1-4-1 Invited

Lessons from Three-Dimensional Imaging of Electrical Trees

Simon Rowland (University of Manchester, UK)


1-4-2 Invited

Post-Irradiation Effect Analysis on XLPE-Insulated LV Cables Used in Nuclear Power Plants

Davide Fabiani (University of Bologna, Italy)



Evaluation of Aging Status of Flame-retardant Cross-Linked Polyethylene by Measuring Indenter Modulus

Zhenyu Yang (Waseda University, Japan)



Effect of Thermal Ageing on Space Charge Behavior of HVDC XLPE Materials

Xiangrong Chen (Zhejiang University, China)



Study on The Relation between Space Charge Accumulation at Cable Stress Cone and Semi-Conducting Materials

Dongxin He (Shandong University, China)


Coffee Break

Session 4 (Poster): Power Cable

Chairs: Kai Wu, Lin Yang

Session 5 (Poster): Transformer and External Insulation

Chairs: Guanjun Zhang, Chuanyang Li

Time: 10:45-12:15

Venue: International Convention Hall (1st F)


Technical Visit (Assembly Point: Hotel Lobby at 14:00)


Banquet (International Convention Hall, 1st F)

Wednesday, April 10th,2019

Session 5: Transformer and External Insulation

Chairs: Davide Fabiani, Zhongdong Wang

Venue: International Convention Hall (1st F)


1-5-1 Invited

Effect of Accelerated Thermal Aging on the Properties of Paper-Ester from Palm Oil Composite Insulation

Harjo Suwarno (Institut Technologi Bandung, Indonesia)



Study of Low Frequency Domain Relaxation of Oil-Paper Insulation

Ming Dong (Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)



A Novel Three-Element Mixed Insulation Oil and Its Application in 10kV Distribution Transformer

Jian Hao (Chongqing University, China)  



Study on Contamination Characteristics of Roof Insulators under Artificial Simulated Fog-Haze and Airflow Environment

Xueqin Zhang (Southwest Jiaotong University, China)


Coffee Break

Session 6 : GIS and Electric Apparatus

Chairs: Simon Rowland, Yewen Zhang

Venue: International Convention Hall (1stF)


1-6-1 Invited

High Electric Field Behavior and Energetic Processes in Poly (ethylene naphthalate)

Gilbert Teyssedre (Université de Toulouse, France)

10: 40-11:05

1-6-2 Invited

Dielectric Materials for Electro-Active (electret) and/or Electro-Passive (insulation) Applications

Reimund Gerhard (University of Potsdam, Germany)


1-6-3 Invited

Study on Dielectric Recovery Characteristics of High Voltage SF6 Circuit Breaker

Xin Lin (Shenyang University of Technology, China)



HFCT-Based Detection of Partial Discharge Currents on GIS Enclosures

Luis Carlos Castro Heredia (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)



Review of Fluorination Modification of Epoxy Resin Insulators for Gas Insulated Transmission Pipeline

Jin Li (Tianjin University, China)

Session 5 Poster: Transformer and External Insulation

Chairs: Reimund Gerhard, Fuzeng Zhang

Session 6 Poster: GIS and Electric Apparatus

Chairs: Rongsheng Liu, Xin Lin

Time: 14:00-15:45

Venue: International Convention Hall (1st F)


Coffee Break

Session 7 Oral: China Session

Chairs: Harjo Suwarno, Jin Li

Venue: International Convention Hall (1st F)



The Challenges and Opportunities of Nanofluids

Rongsheng Liu (ABB AB, Corporate Research, Sweden)



Analysis on Tripping Accident Caused by Improper Protection Measures of Transformer Neutral Point on 110kV Double Circuit Transmission Lines

Xiujuan Chen (China Electric Power Research Institute, China)



Aging Characteristics and Repairing Evaluation of Long-Term Operating LSR Bushings

Xiaoxing Wei (EHV power transmission company maintenance & test center, CSG, China)



The Detection of Hydrolyzable Fluoride in SF6 Equipment by Ion Chromatography and Application in Fault Determination

Liangjun Dai (Wuhan University, China)


Excellent Student Paper Awards and Closing Ceremony

Shengtao Li (Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)


Dinner (Soluxe Cafe, 2nd F)


Guangzhou Pearl River Cruise (Assembly Point: Hotel Lobby at 19:00)


3. Technical Tour


  Technical tour is planned to make your conference experience even more interesting and enjoyable. Please confirm your joining in at the registration desk on Tuesday, April 9th.


±800kV Suidong Converter Station


    The ±800kV Suidong Converter Station is located at Fenghu village in Zengcheng city, Guangzhou Municipality, 16 km away from the city center of Zengcheng. The Station is constructed in the mode of combined operation of AC and DC, covers an area of 29.85 hectares, among which, 22.48 hectares are in the station envelope. Pole 2 was put into operation on 28 December 2009 and it realized bipole operation on 18 June 2010.

    The bipole rated capacity of the Suidong Converter Station is 5000MW, and the single-pole is 2500MW. The DC rated voltage is ±800kV (rectified current side). Each of the DC bipole connection adopts two groups of 12 flutter valves in series (400kV+ 400kV). The converter transformers are equipped with 24 single-phase double-winding equipments (four as standby equipments). The 500kV AC yard adopts one and a half circuit breaker connection. Altogether there are four circuits of incoming lines of converter transformer, six circuits of 500kV outgoing lines, one 500kV station transformer, four groups of AC filters, which compose six complete series and three incomplete series. The 500kV AC filters have separate filter jumbogroup busbars. The capacity of reactive power compensation is designed to be 3010MVar (500kV), and is divided into four major groups and 15 mini-groups, among which seven mini-groups use 190MVar (500kV) filters (four groups of double-tuning AC filters of 11, 24 subharmonic, three groups use double-tuning AC filters of 13, 36 subharmonic), and eight mini-groups use 210MVar (500kV) shunt capacitors. The station power adopts two circuits of working power and one circuit of spare power supply. One circuit of working power is connected to the 500kV series of the converter station, and the other circuit of working power connects up to one circuit of 110kV wires from the 220kV Licheng Substation. The spare power supply is connected to one circuit of 110kV wires from the 110kV Zhucun Substation.

    The Suidong Converter Station is the first ±800kV DC Transmission Project in China, and the landing station of Yun-Guang Ultra-high Voltage Transmission project. Upon its completion, it will be one of the major west-to-east power transmission channels of CSG networks, reflecting committed implementation of national west-to-east power transmission strategy. The completion of the project is a scientific practice of optimized allocation of eastern and western China resources, and is a significant step in executing the central government’s policies of “ensuring development, livelihood of the people, and social harmony”. It helps to meet increasing power demand in Guangdong and facilitate economic and social development of the province. It is a key measure in practicing Scheme of reform and development of Pearl River Delta regions promulgated by the State Council. The station will play an important role in relieving power construction strain in Guangdong and adapting to load development in Dongguan and Guangzhou.